Anyone interested in an NYC meetup for Unreal4?

Hey everyone! Super glad to be here.

I know I learn better when I’m working around people doing the same thing as me, if anyone in the NYC area is interested in possibly meeting up to discuss and share unreal projects/ambitions/dreams/failures.

message me here! Would be happy to host.

I would be happy to join the meeting in NYC ,but I need to find a way to cross the ocean :)…

The silence here means it’s a bad joke …or you guys have no sense of humour…

I would definitely be up for it. I’m just starting to delve into UE4 so it’s not like I can bring a lot to the table but it’d be nice to meet with some people locally.

Bringing this back from the dead. I’m interested in starting a meetup community in NYC for UE if anyone is down. PM me or twitter @afuzzyllama.

With NYU and other communities, I think we could get something going :smiley:

Howdy all,

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Thanks and have a great day!

I was looking for a way to ask how to get this thread moved. Thanks Sean!

There are a lot of gamedev and indie meetups already but from what I’ve seen many end up being 100% Unity focused. I’ve found some better luck at VR meetups here (but there’s still a pretty overwhelming majority). I suspect there’s some amount of untapped demand for an UE4 community, so I’m certainly still in.

PM me a way to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Awesome to see that there is a NYC group again!

I started the original one 4 years ago, but there just wasn’t anyone other than myself and 1 other person who knew how to program Unreal Script. :confused:

So glad that Epic went the C++ route, because it opens it up to so many more developers. Keep on keepin’ on!

Yeah, we are trying to get something going, but we are finding it difficult to make a group that can meet the needs of the community and getting active participation. If you have any advice, we are all ears!

I see you are no longer in NYC :frowning:

I’m in NYC and would gladly discuss U4 over beers. I haven’t checked out this group, but seems like it might be worth a look:

That is our group! Please message me there so we can continue the conversation.