Anyone in Unreal Engine 4 in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Appleton, Horicon - all in Wisconsin

I am new to Unreal Engine 4 as of January (it says I was with them in 2015 - but that was a quick trip). Is there anyone who is Medium or Advanced who would like to help someone who is 70 years old and trying it again? Please respond to

Not in WI currently but here’s an easy series to get started.
And Unreal has an entire library of training videos from beginner to more advanced topics. Online Learning - Unreal Engine

Yea, I’m in Madison, Wisconsin. What do you need help on? I’m mid/advanced. 70>? That’s tough to do.

These days 70 isn’t a limit

The thing is, I had to teach a 70 year old how to use a computer once. It was fun cause I felt like a god showing him what right clicking does or how to change the font size. Lol. We didn’t make any progress because every week he would forget everything and on top of that he wouldn’t do any of the “homework” that I assigned. I wouldn’t mind helping someone older as long as they have pretty good experience using a computer. I’m curious as to what he is using the engine for?