Anyone here have a functional multiplayer FPS that works right now?

I am starting to feel like the problems I am having with client server replication on my game are due to bugs with the engine rather than what I am doing.

For example if I start a game solo my hud works perfectly and I can call the escape menu with no problems. When I pick up a gun it properly indicates it on the screen with a timer that counts down.

Everything works perfectly but as soon as a client joins the game it turns into a random mess. Suddenly ONLY THE SERVER is unable to access the escape menu while all clients work fine. All of the logic for the hiding and showing of HUD elements runs correctly it just simply wont allow me to modify visibility. When a client runs around to grab weapons SOMETIMES it is registered on the hud SOMETIMES its ignored. I can run around the map pick up guns on client 1 or 2 and its very random what happens.

Now I have been fighting with this constantly and I cannot for the life of my understand how replication will happen one second then fail the next. I cannot figure out how all of a sudden the server cannot hide and show HUD elements when a client joins but works 100% while solo.

I am seriously going crazy trying to figure this out and I am starting to think its broken.

I had similar issue when trying to add a double jump feature to a project I am working on and noticed that if it was ran as a single player game with no dedicated server it would work fine. At one point I got it to work but if I had dedicated server selected it wouldn’t replicate and cause a weird stutter. I was able to make it to send the request to the server and have the server check if the actor is permitted to jump twice then it worked. I am at my day job so once I am able to get home and into my project I will see if I can find a way to help you out.

I know what you mean. I just figure most of my replication issues are a misunderstanding of how it works on my part. I still think this, however there is a bug where NOTHING works for any clients - but closing the project and reopening fixes it…

There’s this little game called unreal tournament that seems to work quite well?

Kaboom Arena is 100% networked enabled … got my dedicated server and everything operating 100%.

I have not experienced the issue that you have vanlacke.

What you need to do when performing replication is decide where is the preferred place for this function or action to take place. Tell me what you are trying to do and share your blueprints with me … and I will see if I can assist you.

Well it’s only happened twice. I open up project - nothing works. Close, reopen, everything works. Could be something on my end, I just reformatted so we’ll see.

And assuming the offer for help was aimed at anyone, could you take a quick peak at this:

It works, I just don’t understand why it does.

Can you place a bigger screenshot on this forum … I am struggling to read that blueprint on that post.

How are you testing this with replication … i.e. “Dedicated Option”, “Number of Clients” … ?

Do you still have issues if you go to the source? I have to link from URL because I can’t seem to upload direct.

I am running dedicated server, 3 clients. Although sometimes I run listen server setup to see if only the server can see what’s happening. Do you need any other info? More screens of everything?

I really appreciate you offering help. I think if I can just understand why what I made works, I’ll be soo much better off.

Okay so it is quite simple … Your “MoveHologramServer” is to replicate from the client to be executed on the Server. Your “Snap” replicates to all clients if executed on the server … because the firs call “MoveHologramServer” is executed on the server … “Snap” will be executed on all connected clients.

I hope this makes sense. 8-}

It does, sort of… However, why can all clients see the hologram moving? But if I do the snap code inside of MoveHologram, clients cannot see it, only the server? Why would clients be able to see one thing but not the other?

This would be a valid assessment if I were talking about C++. Being that I am specifically referring to blueprints this should be looked at in that respect.

If you move the snap code inside of the MoveHologramServer … this is only executed on the server and never broadcast to the client … where as your Snap custom event is replicated to all from the server.

In order for you to place the Snap code inside the MoveHologramServer and have it execute on all clients … then you would have to change the MoveHologramServer to a multicast event.

The other option is to have your “Arrow” replicate movement … but this might be more expensive then the way you are currently doing it.

The only thing I would change is have a “Authority Switch” as the first node of your MoveHologramServer event … just as a fail safe.

So I did some testing on my game and it turns out that everything works 100% when running with a dedicated server. All clients see everything they need to see, all hud elements update as they should. Everything seems to be working.

So the one thing I am having trouble with is the server, but specifically when the server has a client join the game. Otherwise the server works 100% too.

The problem happen as soon as a client joins the server then the server suddenly cant load menu items or change its hud… I dont get it.

How are you adding the HUD?

A server should typically not have any HUDs on it … as this is counter-intuitive to setting it up for a dedicated server. So I am not sure you actually have a problem. If you check the icon on the top right of most of your HUD nodes … you will see a symbol as indicated on the image below … this Icon indicates that this node only executes on the client.

So what you are seeing is the way the system is intended to work.