Anyone having stability issuess with 4.18.3?

I moved my project to 4.18.3, and I’m suddenly having stability issues. The editor just hangs indefinitely, I was able to package my project, but last time I had to cancel after > 24 hours with no output, when I open textures in the editor, it always hands indefinitely.

The thing is that it could be just my own local install, and not a general problem So, I wanted to see if anyone else in the community is seeing the same thing.

I’m running the “verify” process on my 4.18.3 right now, just FYI.

If not, I’ll make what progress I can and update to 4.19 when it’s released.


Yeah sounds like it might be specific to your situation. I migrated my project all the way on up and had no problems with the editors hanging like that. Verifying the install isn’t a bad idea either and is prob where I would have started too.

Okey Doke.

That’s what I thought. I didn’t want to bug the devs with a bug report if it was something idiosyncratic to my machine, and it sounds like that’s the case. Since I posted, I installed 4.18.3 on my laptop, and I haven’t seen the same thing there.

Verify seems to have alleviated some of the issues, but not all.

Oh well, I’ll wait for 4.19.



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