Anyone having problems with Open World Demo Content?

I just downloaded open world demo and added it to my existing test project. Then I tried to add a single tree mesh from there - took a while to get to 99% and then stayed there for a while, so eventually I shut it down.

Now I m retrying and trying to open showcase map. It’s at 66% loading T_mountainRock_N. Prior to that it was sitting on 65% pebbly river something for at least a few minutes.

Is anyone else experiencing this slowness when loading open world stuff ? At this rate it may be 30 minutes before I get to open this ShowCase map.

Now it;s at BogMyrtle , still 66%.

6 minutes since I posted, and not 1 percent higher.

yeah, it can take quite a while to open it because it has to load all the assets, check this thread for more info

hope that helps:)

Thanks - yup, that helps ! Glad to know its not something abnormal with my machine.