Anyone have Wwise integrated?

Hello people,

After about 6 hours of trying to get the source code, then transferring files, and then finally compiling, I got most of the hard work done. (So i think) – None of that code was in the .ini so I just attempted to do it correctly. I know nothing about coding. – Main Workflow – This is where I’m at. Don’t know what to do with this file or anything. I cant even import the file into the content browser. Theres nothing inside the engine that hints to me that anything with Wwise has been incorporated into the new compiled build.

I’m desperate:(, and i’m about willing to trade my whole whopping 20 dollars in Paypal to anyone willing to help configuring the rest of the way. I’m don’t know too much about configuring .ini files, using blue print, or anything like that. I know audio, that is it, so i’m beginning to wonder just how much knowledge in scripting i need to have to use Wwise efficiently.

I’ve massed message on Reddit, I’ve e-mailed AudioKinetic, I’ve tried to join any IRC channel left in existence having to do with audio, and I’ve posted a few times about Wwise in here (to where i feel like a nuisance), i just need someone to give me step by step clairty. As i said, i’ve already compiled correctly i believe, i just need the steps afterwards.

I’d be willing to pay someone to give me 1 on 1 time if they feel they’d rather do that then post the steps.
I appreciate it people.


I’m also waiting to see more info on using wwise, and any news on fmod implementation?

I’m glad i’m not the only one. I think it’s because UE4 is so new, we are the first wave asking so many questions regarding the subject. Fmod is currently working on their integration for UE4. Wwise just released their integration for 4.2 about a week ago according to the files on Github. I’m a new sound designer who was convinced that my audio was good enough to take it to bigger level than the 2D stuff I was producing; so here I am investing in learning a new engine and new middleware software.

It’s really a race between Wwise and Fmod… Whoever get’s there product out there first for UE4, is the company i’m pretty much investing my time and eventually money in, seeing how they are both the top of the line, industry standard.

@Akeesling0028, have you tried moving hte file it talks about in the step you’re on into one of the folders inside your project’s Content directory and seeing if it shows up then? I don’t think you’d want to actually import it.

If you’re unsure where the Content directories are at and such, just go into the Editor and the Content Browser, right click one of the folders where you want to put the file, and click Show In Explorer (something like that, maybe worded differently).

Then copy the file it talks about into there.

(Assuming, that is, that you do have that file available - if not… :confused: sorry.)

I have tried it, i see these files, here :

I tried to import the AK file which was mentioned and it doesn’t allow me to import it, These are the only supported files:

But still, nothing.

Hi Folks,

AudioKinetic (the makers of Wwise) have a Wwise integration into UE4. I would encourage you to contact them to get it.

P.S. we are discussing with them if there is an easier way to make all of this available to you, but don’t have a solution yet

Thank you Paul,

I’ve contacted AK and i’m just awaiting a response. Atm i had my programmer friend remote connect and he was able to figure out majority of the compiling factor. Wwise seems to have so much potential, but they offer no real insight to the setup process. A tutorial would be very helpful, yet I suppose they feel it’s common knowledge. Hopefully you guys get something going with them soon, i’m sure we would all benefit from it. I appreciate the response Paul! :]

Since no one has posted how it works for a while let me tell you how i understand it.

I did this a week ago just when the 4.2 release came and its really super easy to work with imo. It took me while to understand it but only with following the steps provided.

  1. Events from the wwise can be added UE4 just by dragging it into the content browser like it’s said. You only need to have the Wwise project and UE4 open. You can use the example project
    With the wwise project open just select one of the events under the events tab with left click and hold and move onto the UE4 and drop it in the content browser in whatever folder you want. You don’t need to add them using the Include function in the Content Browser.

  2. About the banks. Best way to handle them according to the docs is to create them inside UE4 with right click and there 2 option for wwise audio and select bank.That way they can be handled in the source code. They are like in wwise just not created in the project but in UE4.
    Next you need to assign each sound event you imported in 1) to a specific bank(ones you created in the UE4) so the sound works ingame. This is done by double clicking on the event and there you can select the bank in a drop-down menu(Note: the bank must be created first in the content browser to see it in the list).

Then its just building the banks from the build tab and putting the sounds ingame ;]

PS: The AkAudioEvent is just the representation of Events in the UE4. AkAudioBank is the equivalent of the Banks in Wwise also
Now if you want to handle the sound in a specific way and have them react to the world you can use blueprint for them. Its done mainly in the Level blueprint for stuff like music popping and etc. You can see the example levels. They have blueprints used.

Thank you ChefSharky, unfortunately the soundbanks was a deeper issue. I couldn’t specifiy any banks in UE4 because i kept getting a error in Wwise saying they weren’t recognized. This may have had something to do with the compile. On top of all this, I just got a e-mail from GitHub annoucning my repository for UE4 was just deleted. I’ve been at this for quite some time, you are the first person i’ve come in contact with that has Wwise integrated with UE4 that has some helpful insight. I’ve messaged you on skype, I hope you could spare some moments and share some insight on the situation.

I also have UE4 and Wwise hooked up. I came across some bugs with the very first integration they released but they said they have fixed those now. I remember when I was getting mine started I had to redownload the source from Github multiple times to start over. I’m sure those were mostly just my mistakes but if you are still having issues, I would try just starting from scratch again if you’re not already in the middle of a project.

I was able to get UE4 + wwise to work unfortunately it only works with the demo projects. So I can move stuff from my wwise demo over to the UE4 wwise demo. But I cannot link two new projects together. Has anyone figured this out yet?

Hey is there anyone on the UE4 forums we could ask for help on this?

Were you able to create two new projects in each program and link those?