Anyone have any tips for improving Mixamo characters inside UE4 or blender?

Hey all,

So as the title says, does anyone have any tips to improve mixamo models be it in blender or via the UE4 material editors using the textures? I’ve tried subdividing the mesh inside blender and that improves it a lot but increases the vertices by a hell of a lot which I guess would be detrimental to performance?

Here’s the screenshot of the before/after subdivision’d model + material:

As you can see, my material is extremely basic, could any material wizards let me know of any material magic to improve the output?

Here’s the .FBX of the model in the screenshots if anyone wants to have a play to see if they can come up with something.

to me without looking at the fbx is that you haven’t sorted the smoothing when exporting from blender, i cover this in renet blender to ue4 videos.

as for the material you’ll have to do more work on that as Fuse/mixamo just supply the diffuse/specular/normal maps , of which only the normal maps is of any real use in UE4, i would advise having a look at some of the UE4 demo characters or even the UT characters to see how they set up thier materials

Cheers GeoDav, the smoothing setting on blender was exactly the problem with the model. Now I’m just gonna have to work out materials for this model as I couldn’t find any decent examples to learn from with the textures I have…