Anyone have and idea how I can do this ????

Hello Everyone,

So alot of my mod users and youtubers are asking me to do a feature can anyone give me suggestion on how to do it
PartiallyRoyal Reviewed My Mod and told me to do what he said but i do not have a idea how to start it please help me

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Hi Crafint cookie,

I looked at the video but what he is asking may not be possible at the moment. we do not have enough blueprint functions to manipulate inventories. More blueprints options / functions should come in the coming months and you will be able to do things mentionned in the video.

Is there anyway I can make a good step closer to getting Player Shop Trading or do I just have to work on other stuff till that comes out

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Pretty sure you can’t do that at this time… Been trying to find ways to do AH style which is what he’s talking about but the mod kit doesn’t allow this right now. Orginally that is what I was going to do and when I found there was no way to do it I made the shopping mod instead.