Anyone have a dedicated server host suggestion?

Does anyone have any suggestions for an affordable and reliable dedicated server host? Or will I need to set up my own server at home to achieve this.


They have very in my opinion affordable cloud hosting and very high quality. You can pretty much do anything with it.

I wouldn’t bother with dedicated server (mean dedicated hardware), for starters. You can’t possibly predict amount of players for start, and for testing purposes, paying for dedicated machines is not worth it, especially for smaller game.

What would you suggest I start with?

My long term goal is to have a dedicated server, or multiple. So I figured I would start developing with that.

I second DigitalOcean. I’ve used them for a year, great service.

Well it doesn’t matter. Just use digitalocean for now. If you will need more power you can talk to them, or migrate somewhere else.

It’s your software that matters, not where it run.


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