Anyone had manage to do OPC connection with Unreal Engine?

Hi evaluating the posibility to view data in real time from OPC servers on Unreal Engine and used emulate what its happening in the process (for example water level on a tank)
There is a way of doing this?
Thx in advance for any help or info about this!!

Hi, I know this thread is really old, but did you ever come up with a solution to this, i also need OPC connectivity to UE4 ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, I managed to get an OPC-UA connection working but I had to do it with UnrealEnginePython using the FreeOPCUA project examples. I did it this way as I had no idea how to do this in C++. As UnrealEnginePython has been put on hold it would be great to see an implementation in C++ or a plug-in. There are a few open source C++ libraries for OPC-UA available.

Just spotted this if it is any help…