Anyone from epic staff please advise

Hi so basically I was working
On the problem of dynamically adding components at runtime . Thread can be found here create and attach a UPhysicsHandleComponent to an actor at runtime?? - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

Basically my question is what is the correct way to allow inherited c++ generated components to be editable on the actual component itself?

In the editor it says “native components must be declared as uproperty in c++”)

From my post you can see I have it working but in order to edit it you have to go to
The other class to edit the properties where as in unreals case they have dynamically created components that can be edited directly.

I’ve scoured every resource I can find and most of them say it’s not possible and yet it must be possible because epic does it already.

For example
Let’s take the default pawn . It is created and spawned into the level at runtime and inherits the movement component and yet this is editable

So just looking for a bit of clarity and if anyone can explain thanks and sorry if this isn’t the right place