Anyone found a solution for the MetaHuman hands problem with retargeted animation

I’ve seen this same behavior in some other people’s videos and I’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to come up with a solution, as well as a lot of time just getting any MetaHuman animations in Maya working in UE (worked the first time, hasn’t worked since). I tried setting some keyframes on the animation once it’s in UE, but that doesn’t seem to take either.

What is, I don’t know, funny doesn’t seem like the right word because I’m certainly not enjoying it, different about this particular animation import is that I did the retargeting without the hands. So there should literally be no animation on them whatsover. And in Maya, they obviously look fine.


Guessing that your retargeting is not set to Advanced?
Make sure the finger names match when you retarget.
Also, the poses don’t look that far off. I would suggest you make a test one with a very visible difference to see if somehow the metahuman is skewing the position, or if it’s being just completely ignored (since they’d be completely different problems to look into).

I’m not using UE retargeting and, like I said, the hands aren’t even included in the retargeting; it should be the default MetaHuman hands pose.

But I’ve tried it both ways, same result. Retarget in Mobu, send to Maya with animation baked to joints, and as you can see the hands are correct in Maya. It’s only when they come into UE that they go wonky, and again, I’ve seen this in other videos as well, none of which of course I can find at the moment.

And today, I can’t really get anything into UE anyway. Either I get Mesh contains root bone as root but animation does not contain a root track (I get this by selecting the root_drv hierarchy and exporting selection) or I get the 'bones have been inserted or whatever and do you want to rebuild the skeleton" (I get this by selecting all of the skeletons, so I assume this is because of the DHI namespace in the other bone hierarchies).

WTF are you supposed to actually select (I am not a Maya guy) and export in order for things to come in nice and easy in UE? Every single MetaHuman/Maya tutorial video I have seen stops short of actually importing into UE and right now I am feeling like its because no one can actually do it.

It’s just an import. Surely it works or people wouldn’t be publishing videos at all.
Maybe you renamed or altered the bone structure. Start from 0 and see if that works.
If it does check both to see what’s different.

As far as retargeting goes.
The skeletons still retarget no matter what.
Open up the skeleton asset select the retargeting options, and check what bone settings are set.
It could be as simple as having g to use animation scaled on everything if you are making good animations.
And it could also be way more complex. Depends on what you are doing in the end.

Um, if you are saying that if I don’t define the hands bones in one of the skeletons that it is still going to figure out the names and assign animation then why do I have to define the skeleton at all? That can’t be right; if I have an animation on the source hands, but don’t define the hands in my target skeleton, there is no way that the animation should still be copied over because the bone target wouldn’t exist, regardless of which retargeting software I use.

on top of that, the retarget is fine in Maya (did you look at the video?). There’s no more fiddling with the hands because they are fine in Maya; what I am doing is simply exporting hands that are fine in Maya and having them be unfine in UE.

And what I meant is what part of what skeleton do I select to “Export Selection” in Maya, or do you do the whole scene? I’m pretty sure the one time I have actually been able to get animations into UE I had chosen the root_drv skeleton hierarchy and exported that. But that seems to have only worked once.

Also, people aren’t publishing videos at all, at least not of MetaHumans with Metahuman bodies and unfucked hands. At least not of retargeted animation, although I have seen a couple and one of them for sure had this same problem, which I am pretty sure was the one that gave me the idea to export selection of root_drv. And you know what they never include in any of the other ones I have seen? Getting it into UE from Maya, which makes me wonder if they just LIveLinked it. I’ve seen some facial animations, yes, because the Metahuman maya source has a face control rig and you export the animation on that. But you have to build a control rig (or buy a plugin) for the body skeleton and like I said, I’m not a maya person.

In all honesty and not trying to offend you, but have you actually done this? Because you might want to give it a shot if you haven’t since it kinda sounds like you haven’t. And if you haven’t, you probably shouldn’t be offering advice on something you haven’t actually done. That’s how people like me get sent down rabbit holes with no end.

Maybe re read what I wrote about 10 times and try to understand it / or get to know the engine so you know what people talk about when they give you possible solutions.

Look at the documentation. Figure out what the retargeting options are.