Anyone encountered problems with physics simulation on android?

I have simple box with checked “simulate physics” and long block as static mesh.
On PC this simple system works as expected box falls down on block and collides with it.
On Android box just hangs in air.
Have someone run into same kind of problem?

I had issues where on device my character would sink through the terrain yet on pc everything was fine. Yesterday I made the UFO example spaceship to shoot projectiles. On pc everything was fine, but on device the projectile collides with the spaceship itself. I mean if I fly straight it colides, but if I shoot while I turn, its fine. I tried to mess with collision settings but nothing helps. On pc its fine, on android its messed up.

did you guys try using the option:

Use CCD Whether or not to use Continuous Collision Detection for this component. Increases accuracy of collision detection.

on your main character? Also which device are you testing on and which collision settings are you using?

Hi BKRemnev,

Could you post this as new question on AnswerHub and post a link to it here? That way we can continue to troubleshoot it.

Thanks, TJ

Hi Pabooklas,

It sounds like your projectile spawn maybe to close to the spaceship. Try adjusting that and if it still is happening. If it does, create a new question on AnswerHub so we can continue to troubleshoot it there. Make sure you post a link to it here.

Thanks, TJ

Hello. I have my sockets away from the ship. If I pull them away even more, it will look bad when I shoot. Im pretty sure they are far enough since on pc its all fine. I even pulled the collision box of my mesh back to the middle of it so that it would only have collision from middle of it to the end. No matter what I tried, on my phone the bullet just collides with the static mesh of my ship yet on pc its working as intended. My device is samsung galaxy s4. I will post on hub tonight after work since now im typing on my phone while trying not to get cought by the boss :slight_smile: Thank you for your atention!

Sounds good. :slight_smile: Try to also post some screenshots with the question tonight as well. This well help me duplicate your setup.

Hello again!

Here is a link to answer hub thread: Why is collision acting different on mobile? - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

Here you can see a video with my collision setup and my spaceship in action: - YouTube

Here you can see my spaceship in action on my mobile phone: - YouTube

You can see how on my phone if I fly straight, the bullets will collide with the ship. Thank you for your attention :slight_smile: