Anyone else unable to edit PrimalGameData_BP?

Very odd, anytime I click or right click on that file the editor hangs for 10 plus minutes. I wind up having to end it in the task manager. I can open other blueprints in the editor just fine. In the middle of verifying my installation in the editor.

Been having a few reports of my mod not working anymore (neutral bugs, very minimal changes) and want to recompile it since I haven’t touched it since release.

It might be trying to reference a file that isn’t loading properly, although it should crash instead of freezing in that case.
But honestly, there are so many random errors in the ADK, I’m kind of surprised it is possible to actually make functional mods.

No problems working in the file here.

You might have to give it more time than just 10min depending on the performance of your machine. If you think of a reference tree then the GameData is where it all comes together. Right clicking on it makes the editor load all the references and “sorting” them. Only the first time is bad. Check in your TaskManager if the CPU and RAM usage of that ADK is at 0. As long as its doing something you might wanna wait.

Well it started working after being frozen for 30 min, which is odd because it used to be 20 seconds tops. Now to copy over the default blueprints and remake my mod basically, hope this doesn’t become a common thing.

Thanks for the replies!

I got about a 1.5 minute delay when i first opened it after overwriting with the 217 files… after that it’s fast again (less than 5 seconds initial load… instant loads in the same session).

I presume your file is parented to the Base Primal data file.