Anyone else play Primal Carnage?

Just wondering if there is anyone else here that plays :smiley:

I do!

You want to talk to the lead animator? He works here now. I’ll ping him to come say “hi”

Hi. Yep, I worked on the original incarnation of Primal Carnage. I don’t get to play too much anymore, but I’m glad that it sounds like you do. I hope you get some good games going with other UE developers.


You mean at Epic? Lucky guy :smiley:

Yeah, Stephen was their lead animator. He did all the original T-Rex animations, raptors, lots of stuff.

Not a lot anymore -but every now and then when I get the urge to pick someone up as the pteranodon and drop them into the water ha ha…

No, not “all” the animations. There was a small team of talented individuals on the team who did a lot of work. But I definitely did a lot of them too.

Wow…nice one Stephen and Steve :). Just saw another Primal Carnage video and animations are really great. Any info on Primal Carnage: Genesis?

I played it once, loved the graphics but wasn’t able to develop interest in game.

You sir are awesome!, I loved primal carnage and still do, it was the first game I bought on Steam actually :smiley:

Awesome! see you in game sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the dinosaur animations! Hopefully we can make some badass animations for our playable animals too :smiley:

Stephen and Stevie


I play as well! Here’s one of them in action with the man himself. Come see Stevie roar at Magfest this weekend! :wink:

It was a pleasure both animating the Rex, and helping you design the awesome tattoo. :slight_smile: