Anyone else impressed by Arkham Knight?

Despite the apparently heavy issues, which I didn’t encounter that much to be honest (FPS drops yeah, and the old-days UE3 texture streaming issues, but well - games aren’t perfect now are they? We should know :)) I must say that I am very impressed by Batman Arkham Knight.

The design in general, the amount of detail, the lighting, the characters (once again), the shaders (ok nvidia helped with the ocean at least, but still) and the dynamic of the environment… This is pretty much what the Samaritan demo once promised. My GPU can’t render the advanced smoke physics/lighting, but the rain alone is pretty much the best I’ve seen so far. I also take my hat off to their seamless design. This truly is unique in open world game design.

All in all, I find it the most stunning Unreal Engine game out there currently and very inspiring to strive even further with the UE4.

I need a new GPU for that

It could never run on my HD 7850 1GB video card.

I am banking on DX 12 making much better use of my Athlon 760K quad core CPU in order to justify buying a expensive GPU like say a GTX 970

This far from certain benchmarks, my crappy quad core AMD cpu in DX 12 render of the same game is 20 times faster than the million dollar 8 core intel Devils Canyon i7 running in DX 11 render.

So if these benchmarks are anything that resembles real world performance of DX 12 then it means I could keep this CPU for 10 years to come and buy even a GTX 980 without worries of bottleneck