Anyone else having trouble Converting Creature Projects from 4.12.5 to 4.13?

I don’t understand how to use the Kestrelmoon creature Animator in the new Unreal 4.13.

I have tried following the same system as the previous. Where you create a C++ project and using Microsoft Visualizer. Going to My Unreal Projects folder and creating a new Plugin Folder, I went to gethub and downloaded the run-times and unzipped them and copied and pasted the CreaturePlugin folder into the new plugin folder and “Generated Visual Studio Project Files”.

But this does not let me open up a 4.13 version of my 4.12.5 project? I am sure i am jumping into an unnecessary panic :cry: but i am just worried that all the work i have done will be rendered obsolete with each patch?

Is there something i am doing wrong? is there a fix incoming? There was a Creature 2D Animator Plugin in the Unreal Marketplace but it is now outdated, will there be a 4.13 version coming that will help?

Perhaps i am missing something… Is anyone else having any trouble with this?

Once again, im sorry if i have just overlooked something…

Hello Coyote King,

From looking up this plugin, it seems that the creator is in the process of updating the plugin to 4.13. This is the link that I came across for their github repo: .com/kestrelm/Creature_UE4

Unfortunately, this plugin is created by a third party and has not been submitted through our marketplace. This means that we have not reviewed it and do not officially support it. This means that any issues that arise from the use of this plugin would be best resolved by speaking to the developer of the plugin.