Anyone else have trouble starting with Unreal Engine 4? (tutorial talk)

So i’ve been trying to learn unreal 4 and im coming across an issue with learning from tutorials.

For some reason the tutorials i’ve tried so far have either not been detailed enough, or just out-dated slightly, making it not work out when you try to follow along in the engine.

The Blueprints quick Start guide is an example of one where i learned how to do things in the engine, but the overall result did not work:
(it was still helpful for teaching me how to handle actor blueprints and copy them willy nilly)

Has anyone else run into this problem and or have any links to places where there are nice updated tutorials? (I noticed that most of the tutorials we’re set up for 4.9, but the programmer in me thinks they couldn’t have changed it THAT MUCH since then, since we are only in 4.13/14 now.

The part that did not work for U can be put in the visual scripting section in ue4. U will surely get help . Or the answerhub too

I use ue4.12.5 I followed the tutorial .did not annoy me . No idea about ue4.13 or 4.14 version

I’d try to get some tutorial on youtube, some people have some really good tuts there.