Anyone else have this crazy glitch with .fbx animations?

Whenever I import from ADK and edit a .fbx animation in blender the animation goes crazy. I import an Ark animation and it all works fine. I can even export the unedited .fbx animation and re-import into blender without any problems. But every time I do an adjustment to a single key on one bone, export it as .fbx and then re-import it into blender, the program randomly chooses a bone/s from any part of the body and either deletes or seriously alters the animations for that part (e.g making the eyes move a little less has so far caused the jaw bone to drop, the tail to spin, the tail to lose entire keys causing stilted movement and the claws to drop and lose keys as well, most of these on separate exports so they’re not linked.

My mind is blown as to why this is happening, can someone please help?

I’m not sure if this has any similarities with this link, but maybe it helps you (Starting with Part 2.0):

Thanks but no this is all happening in blender, not ADK. I’ve been trying to edit animations for my “Jurassic Park: Velociraptor” mod. I used blender to edit the mesh and that’s all fine, the mod is up and running. There are a few animation issues like buggy eyes that I’ve been trying to solve by exporting the animations from ADK as .fbx and importing into blender. All that is fine too, the problem only occurs when I make any adjustment to the skeletal animation. It works fine in 3D view without exporting it, but when I export it random areas of the animations go wacky (not the parts I edited). I’m pulling my hair out trying to fix this.