Anyone else had to totally uninstall and reinstall after mobile provisions fail to import?

I was finally getting UE4.16.3 (still using for legacy reasons) to package distribution builds, then foolishly removed an old out of data provision (a wildcard *) file, and the list of valid provisions just disappeared. After that, I could not import new provisions, but the project would use old ones to package. The problem with this was adding new devices to a developer provision required me to reimport. However, after a few seconds all I got was “No Provision found”. So, I created a new blank project. Same thing. Verifying the engine install did nothing either. Now I have completely stripped the MacBook of all related files and am doing a completely new install, in the hopes that whatever got corrupted will fix itself. Latest OS X, MacBook, Xcode all up to date with certificates, etc.

I have reinstalled EVERYTHING! Even deleted the provision and certificates. UE4.16.3 will just not let me install ANY certificates or provision files

Struggled with code signing myself all weekend.

Use XCode, and make sure you can install a basic app to the device. XCode manages a whole bunch of provisioning stuff now.

If that works, then you can manually create a profile with the correct appid on apples dev portal.
Download it and double-click to install.

I was able to sign development builds this way.

(Still struggling with correctly signing a distribution build for TestFlight)

Good luck

Tried 4.18, same problem, no way to install provision files. Now trying Xcode 8.3.3 as there was a missing Metal 3.5 library anyway - guessing Apple want everyone on Metal 2 now, but we are aiming at older iPads in schools - in the vain hope it might work, based on this post How to change the Xcode version for compiling Unreal Engine 4 C++ projects for iOS — Nacelle Games, LLC

So, installing 4.18 - aside from causing a load of errors in our game, which is why we’ve stayed with 4.16 for so long - did nothing to fix the no import problem. I am guessing that deleting old provisions has corrupted something somewhere. We are having the Mac wiped to do a clean install of everything, in the hope that this works

UPDATE: The MacBook is trashed for UE4 development. NO certificates or provision files are recognised by 4.16.3 OR 4.18.3
Something has been corrupted, and reinstalls of UE4, and Xcode, and wiping all user data has not fixed it. All I did was remove some now out of date provision files, and Project Settings stopped showing any certificates or provision files.

NOTE: I had gotten dist builds packaging, and named (not wildcard *) dev provision files packaging too. Nothing else was changed. All I can do now is wipe the machine completely, and hope that fixes things. Except I can’t, because the IT tech who set up the Mac used a custom firmware password, is now off sick, and the other IT people can do nothing.

Ok, so I managed to massage the machine back from the dead - us still having the problem of locked firmware, days later - by using iPhone Configuration Utility (much better than Apple Configurator) to delete old mobileprovision files. Sometimes, you need to reboot, but after getting rid of these files, UE4 will start showing the provision files again. At that point, you can then launch or package apps again. Hope this is of help to others.