Anyone else getting 1Gb+ total conversion cooks?

Just made some changes to PrimalGameData, linked in a new TestGameData, and remapped 2 dinos… and I’m seeing 1Gb of files in the Output folder (not to mention a huge Steam upload).

Anyone else getting this issue?

Not doing a TC but I have had issues in the past when using the github update where if the PackageInfo.bin file was not copied from the diff content, it would cook all kinds of extra assets including 99% of the SE stuff so i’d say check that first.


Anyone still trying to do TC cooks and getting 1Gb cooks. Can’t cook and upload something like that :frowning:

sigh well 254.7 devkit is still doing the 1Gb cooks.

For those with this problem, you have to delete /Mods/TheCenter.

I don’t suppose anyone knows where/how to edit a manifest file to stop TheCenter from getting cooked as part of a Total Conversion? wanders off wondering why basic stuff like this isn’t reliable

P.S. Poker, I checked PackageInfo.bin… it’s a binary file alas, and while I could probably figure out what what the bytes mean it’s just easier to blow away theCenter files.