Anyone else finding it impossible to build for Android

I’ve been unable to get my project to build for android despite trying multiple different methods of setting up my project.

I keep getting

the bat file doesn’t work and seems outdate it refers to android studio 3.6

but the latest instructions say to use android studio 4

, Is there a way to manually set it up without using the .bat? Is this because Unreal Engine 5 branched off before they updated the android studio support?

I’ve tried manually configuring it but that doesn’t seem to be working, are there other things the Bat does that I am missing?

If anyone has got it working i’d love to hear what black magic it took to get it done!

hello there. Spent about two weeks struggling with the freaking SDKs but finally got it to work on Unreal 5, built for Oculus quest 2. I suggest to follow all the clues given by the output log. try to fix error by error as they show. also get in contact and I’ll tell you what specific versions of sdk, ndk, jdk I’m using. but I tell you right away, download the jdk directly from java.

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did that require you fixing the .bat or was it just straight up configuring the engine? Because at the moment when I try to run it it just says run SetupAndroid.bat

Has anyone come across this error while packaging for Oculus on UE5p2?

UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): Unreal Plugin file Engine\Plugins/Runtime/OpenXR/Source/OpenXRHMD/…/…/OculusOpenXRLoader_APL.xml missing!