Anyone else excited with 4.5 Update ?

Hey guys,

Really looking forward to 4.5, and since there were no annoucenments, or preview notes yet, I’m thinking 4.5 will be HUGE! And that’s very exciting to me : ))

What do you think 4.5 will include?

I’m only aware of some skin shader improvements.

Cheerz, guys!

:smiley: Hopefully some improvements for vegetation stuff


You can see what they’ve been working on by following the commits here.
That is if you don’t mind getting eye strain going through it all… :wink:

Some key areas I’ve noticed:

  • Metal Integration
  • Lots of UMG & Sequencer improvements
  • Tutorial System

Can’t wait either, sometimes feels as if I’m wasting so much forum bandwidth on refreshes on news. You know, I remember, maybe it was 4.2 release…not sure, but there was a metric somewhere that showed current progress moving towards the next release. Nothing specific, just a chart with a line moving towards a goal. I promise to stop wasting forum internet bits if we could see that. Surely that could count as some kind of green initiative…right? :slight_smile:

But really, I wager there must be a good bit in the works with iOS 8. Which I personally would like, but would love to see a large chunk of the roadmap included. Ack, I dunno, every release so far there’s something in it that makes me really glad. So I’m sure whatever is in it, it will be most excellent.

im hoping for skin shader improvement as well, and the most thing i want is something with lightmaps to happen, either remove them or a more simpler solution, like cryeninges.

I just care about the improved C++ hotReload that can even recompile new classes and functions, that thing alone its worth a enormous amount to any coder.

Wyld Stallyans Rule!! :smiley:

Yeah I’d like to see the light system worked on…

Hahahaha! I’m showing my age now aren’t I?

what will be the last stable version? 4.9? lol.
then it will go with minor changes…4.9.1, 4.9.2,…and so on?

Easier than that… 4.10 :smiley:

I’m really into improvements for dynamic G.I, and vegetation. If that’s more improved, I’m really happy, and I can see our game in really really good hands with UE4.

I’m sure Epic will NOT disappoint us with 4.5. Quite the opposite, it’s going to be another blast of an update, hehe :slight_smile:

So, that is our plan for right now actually; just going up to 4.10, 4.11, etc.

I can’t make any comments about 4.5 right now, but there are official announcements coming, just hold tight everyone!

  • iOS 7 MFi game controller support.
  • iOS 8 Metal support.
  • Android TV Support.

New user (1 week only, but I used UDK before). At the moment my most wanted stuff are:

-option for better contract of the grid, especially in Blueprint component view. They are hard to see.
-Orthogonal views in Blue print component view. Its hard to place anything precisely in perspective view.
-Updates to UMG & its documentation.

  • Inverse mouse axis control for Maya. Since UDK days, its just hard to navigate for me, & as a user of multiple 3D apps in everyday work, this is the only on that use airplane controls for panning.

Overall, I am very satisfied with UE4.

According to the trello roadmap ‘movie to texture’ support is in 4.5 (at last) which is something I’ve been waiting for. Hope it’s true. :slight_smile:

Yeah, take as much time as you need to bring us another amazing update :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Excited for 4.5

I hope for this too! Also improvements to plugin reload system will be nice!

Confusing numbering system is confusing. How can 4.10 be higher than 4.5?!?

A UE4 R5 or 4R5, 4R10, or 4.05 then 4.10 all sound more logical.

But oh well, we need something to nitpick on UE4, do we. Thats and massive size of lights objects in the level & blueprint component mode