Anyone Developing Non-Game Applications For Phones with UnrealEngine?

I have an idea for a Non-game Phone App, but want to employ the Power of Unreal for Audio/Visuals and Interactivity. Any one doing this who can share their experience ?

If you need Power of Unreal for Audio/Visual/Interactivity, then it’s a game. Otherwise, Unity (or even cocos2dx) is a lot easier on mobile

Thanks for response @imtrobin2. The goal is to develop the App with UE4, as we strictly develop with UE4.

We’re looking to develop an Interactive App with nice Audio/Visuals that uses Call Blocker/Friend List Application to generate content procedurally.

Your question has open answers since the interactive part is very vague.If you don’t need 3D, which is really the real power of Unreal, you can go with react native to do PWA with html5 integrate with something like spine2D. UI in Unreal is not that fantastic compared to native/web UI.

Thanks again @imtrobin2. I should have specified 3D Audio/Visuals. I’m reevaluating the design. I would like the application to be platform independent and suitable for both Androidand Apple IOS Phones. I’m incorporating various Web-based services anyways. I’m researching into Pixel Streamingto support Audio/Visuals & Interactivity. But i think when it comes to accessing the Phone Contact List, Creating/Editing Call Block List will require me to use platform specific APIs.

I do a cloud gaming platform. Pixel streaming is quite independent of the app. Yes you need lots of platform specific API, so that’s gonna be a pain.