Anyone could help me ?

I’m working on an first person open world survivor, it will have some weapons (maybe 3-4 fire weapon, swords, and craftable weapons… In UE4

my first concern is getting the weapons in the game, I have no Idea how to rig a weapon and animate it… I work on maya and i’ve been searching for a while and
I can’t find a single tutorial on maya, if anyone of you know or have a usefull tutorial on MAYA I would apreciate it alot, if anyone helps me and I rig all the models, I would like to
know how to import them into game, and making them work (muzzle flash, sound, animations etc…)

I’m planing on using the blank template, and I’m not ready to learn c++ yet so I stick with blueprints

PS: I did this post before but it was lost during the maintenance

A little start

for the content side eg mesh skinning rigging just look for tutorials from UT3 or UDK as the workflow is the same (not the scale) and export via fbx