Anyone care to explain what the IBL Captures are?

Hello everyone,

I have been looking at “TheIsland” and in multiple occasions I found IBL Captures and ChildIBL_Captures. I have no idea what they do, should be used for and when they should be used.

Anyone here able to enlighten me?

Frank “Brick”

Hey frank,

Found this documentation about IBL (Image based Lightning) :

And this unreal forum post :

It’s a start :slight_smile: I’ll also take a look tomorrow.

IBL Captures have some extra special use in our modified UE4 because they contribute to actual indirect light, not just reflected light as in stock UE4. We hope to share our internal documentation as to how exactly they work soon (just gotta figure out how to make our internal wiki pages public :). For now you can see how they’re setup on TheIsland for starters :slight_smile:

Thanks to the both of you for responding that fast! I hope we get to see the Wildcard Wiki soon!

Could you please release this information soon. I’m unable to get the system working correctly and I wish to have it working before I enter my map into the competition. Thanks!

Hey nanobot,

Documentation about IBL is available here :

Thanks, I’ve looked at this before and doesn’t really explain that much. It’s very incomplete, unless I’m just missing something or misunderstanding.

One thing I noted with one of the DynamicCaptureManagers (out of 4) is that in TheIsland the “Matinee” parameter under DynamicReflections has matinee_masterDayCycle selected. All 3 have 32 elements in a “Captures Data” (array?) labeled Snapshot_0 to Snapshot_31. These are the Dynamic Capture Data. There’s also now a additional DynamicCapturemanager for MasterIBLSnow, though it seems that it isn’t set up at the moment because it’s missing captures data.

I’m not really sure what the role of the DynamicCapturemanagers is. Perhaps it doesn’t actually involve the IBL system as implemented and I’m looking in the wrong place.

bump - for lack of documentation (yet another poo-tastic job wildcard!)
Right now nearly every single map out has lighting issues. Why? Because we are missing the info on how to IBL. This is not something we can copy and past to resolve. All shadows are BLACK and look like . Where is the documentation on this? I mean i see it, yet, it explains nothing, like all the other snippets of $h1t that’s fed to anyone making a mod/map. Update your stuff, or, at least post how to do it … that way we are not making half- projects.

Thanks in advance for ignoring this and doing nothing about it

OP = last year. Time since something was done? **** it, we got beavers, right?

Unlimited power!!

haha yeah, so, like for a year they cant figure out how to “make them public”. Tho, they did make a beaver

This likely fell really low on the priority list. I’ll be doing some recon work to see what requests are out there and what’s possible now.

Nice, i have been working with what i got trying to figure it out. I can get the masters working just fine, really by default they work. The issue is dropping a child down and linking it does not work.
Do we need the dynamic tied to the master? i can drop 10,000 masters down and have normal shadowing, but, really, thats a bad idea.

i can’t get any of it to work…can’t get interiors to have lights either (light from giant crystals, I want the room to be lit up)