Anyone been able to finish the Epic Award winning tutorial?

So I came across this tutorial that received an award from Epic Games on how to create a first person shooter from scratch. I was wondering if anyone was able to finish the tutorial at all. I keep finding places where there is no explanation on how to do something and it assumes that you can do it all yourself and then jumps a big gap and then you’re pretty much stuck if you aren’t the most fluent person in using the Unreal Engine. So I was wondering if anyone else had run into this problem thank you so much.

The tutorial can be found here:

I started the tutorial so I could learn how to switch weapons in a FPS type game. Now I am stuck before reaching this point because of explanation gaps near the visual widget area. Your feedback would be appreciated.

The tutorial you mentioned gave me some good headaches as well. I stopped reading / viewing it and I guess you are better off when you examine the free C++ Shooter Example. I’ve learnt so much from it, that I was able to set up my own online-multiplayer shooter from scratch. Give it a try even if you are not that familiar with C++.