Anyone able to help me with this plz? Confused!

Hey guys, just saying new to UE4 and sorta new to Maya. I don’t know if you can animate/model/ and rig inside of UE4 if so, if someone could let me know how that would be great!

Anyway, for this model, it is going over pretty well, its my first “decent” model ive been working on for the last few weeks. (Any tips would be nice)

Got a problem though… You see the goggles on the back picture? Is there anyway I can make them easier, instead of taking a square polygon and like free forming it?? If so please get back to me! Ill post the pictures so you can see!

Update… Coming along!

Hey i’m not a professional however I think I can answer correctly to your questions, if not, i’m sure someone will correct me :slight_smile:

So for the first question : I don’t think it’s possible to rig a character into the unreal engine 4 directly but I do believe that some tools are available for rigging.
As for the animations I don’t really know why you would want to do them into the unreal engine 4, especially because maya does a good job at animations.

Finally for the googles there are a ton of way to do things in 3d, the simpliest way I see of doing that would be to create a cylinder and put the subdivison caps to two

then select the inner edge loop and use the scale tool to make the hole larger/thighter, select the inner faces and extrude them.

Finally duplicate, retopologize a bit so that the two fits like you want and combine ! :slight_smile: Hope I helped

Well, I would like to know how animating works in Unreal 4, and I can’t seem to find any tutorials teaching how to create and keyframe your own custom animations. Every tutorial I come across is using some other kinds of animation software, and/or using pre-made animations. It’s there for a reason, and between the few 3D modeling programs I use I would like to keep the back and forth in my workflow as little as possible. So if anyone knows how to use the animation features in Unreal it would really help me out. Thanks.