Anyone able to get UE4 to recognize Galaxy S6 Edge?

I have followed the quick start, my phone is listed in command prompt as authorized. I’ve tried as MTP and PTP. I think the problem is that there is no usb driver. It’s not on Samsung’s site, which is so stupid, but idk what to do. I tried the driver for S5 but it didn’t help. Anyone get this to work?

I tried an LG tablet I have, and it didn’t recognize it either…

I followed every single step in the quick start and everything listed on this page:

Still no luck :confused:

Anyone have any tips

Ok I fixed it :smiley:

The environment variables weren’t correctly set…I thought that would have been done automatically because it didn’t mention having to set them in the quick start, except at the top, but that said to do it only if you already have android sdk installed. Hope this helps someone :smiley:

For reference, here is the documentation that explains how to set up the environment variables.