Anybody have a tank to share?


does anybody have a tank with separated turret to just give away?

Just a simple model, I don’t need textures or anything else.
Trying to follow this tutorial:
But my modeling skills are something to be desired.

So if you have something that could be useful to prototype some idea, and you really don’t need, please share :slight_smile:
Or if you know where could I download tank from mentioned tutorial, please share that too.


hi, did you search at turbosquid or some other sites?

etc, you can find more on these sites

I looked at the tutorial and it seems like all of the tank pieces are separate static meshes, so I knocked one up in Maya in a few minutes and exported everything separately. Should be good enough for prototyping. (Not UV wrapped properly though so textures will look funky) Edit: Tracks have proper UVs now, think there was a bit in the tutorial about making them appear to move.

Get it here:

Looks like this:


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: This is great !

Thank you very much!

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for something like this for a while…