Anybody has a 4.24 binary ready to install?

I have spent the last 9 hours doing my best to build 4.24 from the source code. I’ve followed the instructions at Documentation/ at master · UnrealEngineHTML5/Documentation · GitHub step by step.
I have had dozens of errors of all kinds, usually about something that’s missing, whether it’s Emscripten, Python, LLVM, Node.js, toolchain this, toolchain that, all things that were actually installed. But it seems to me that I’m trying to do this in 2022 when it was meant to be done in 2020, so all these scripts are looking for older versions of all this software.

I tried in both macOS and Windows, and Xcode gave me a very elegant “Build failed” as that semi transparent square with rounded corners as the volume one. The Windows machine is still building, but judging by the insane amount of errors I see in the log pane, if it finishes, it won’t be anything usable.

So, does anyone have a version already compiled that can upload somewhere? I’m just trying to see if 4.24 will show video in the HTML5 build, which 4.23 definitely does not. 4.24 probably won’t, but I read they made some small changes, so maybe it will work. Because if not, as much as I hate it, we’re going to have to switch to Playcanvas or anything that works well for HTML5, which is what we need.