Any work around when delay is not fast enough?

Hi game devs,

Quick question about delay function. Currently I have implemented type writer function as shown in the tutorial below
However, I can’t seems to call the macro as fast as I wanted. I’m not sure if it calls the micro every tick(frame) but i’m guessing that’s the case.
The problem is that changing the type writer speed (delay) with 0,1 and 0,0000001 will not make any difference.

I am making a visual novel kind of game so the speed of the type writer is crucial. At the moment the fastest it will type is not as fast as I desired. Is there any work around for this problem?

Thanks for your time

A delay will never run more than once per frame. If you want to execute your function N times per second where N is greater than your framerate, you need to add the delta time since the last execution to some variable, calculate how many times you need to execute your function then perform a loop and call it the required number of times.

Or you can see timers:

Hi Manoel thank you for your reply,

Is there an example I can follow?

I have used timer for other functions but never tried it for the type writer since I thought it works the same as delay and can never run faster than the tick.

was I wrong?