Any way to trick Unreal into running on a below spec computer?

I apologize if this is inappropriate to ask, please delete it if you feel it’s necessary.

I’m running Windows 7 64 bit through Bootcamp on an old Mac Pro 1. When I try to run the launcher, nothing happens. I assume this is because the graphics card is below spec. It’s a NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GT and has two dual core Intel Xeons.

Assuming it won’t run because it’s below spec, is there any way at all to trick this into working? I do not care if performance is unstable and/or slow.

Absolute minimum to make UE4 work is SM4.0 GPU which GF7300 is not (GF8xxx series are first SM4.0 GPUs from NV). Laucher is slate based so maybe GPU is also issue here, you could check logs to confirm it, but either way you wont able to run UE4 anyway