any way to teleport character in level squence ?

when i move my character or object from location “a” to “b” its walking or sliding ,is there any way to make them teleport ? i mean like staying on location “a” at first frame and teleporting on location “b” at 10.frame


You can edit the transform curves and create the 90º angles required:

You can also add a key in frame 9 right before the teleport key at frame 10 and set it to the same value as frame 0 (duplicated):

You could also have a look at the director blueprint and the event feature of the level sequencer.

Similar to what @EvilCleric said. Change the key to a constant key by selecting the key and using the hotkey ‘5’ or right click on it and choose Constant. The key should turn to a blue square.

Thanks a lot all of you ,i am appreciated for your answers