Any way to stop Kismet variables from renumbering when a variable is added, deleted, or copied?

This is wreaking havoc on my saved games. Every time I add a new Kismet variable, or delete or copy one, the existing variables get renumbered (eg. SeqVar_Bool_5 becomes SeqVar_Bool_6 or similar). This is problematic because the saved game records SeqVar_Bool_5’s value, and then uses that to determine whether a door should be unlocked, but then if I change something and then load the game, SeqVar_Bool_5’s value gets written, but in the Kismet sequence, it’s now a different variable.

Is there any way to prevent Kismet variables from renumbering?

For now I’m just going to try transitioning all of my game progress to custom data structures (like quests and journal entries). But if I could stop the variable renumbering, that would save me a lot of headaches.

If I find the trick I will tell it to you lol, for now we have to deal with it… I think no idea