Any way to save OnActorBeginOverlap delegate bindings with SaveGame

Hi folks,

I started experimenting with UE4 Save Game and serialization and I noticed that In UE4 you have an UPROPERTY specifier, “SaveGame”, that is used to tell the engine that the property needs to be serialized so I can load it later on load game.

So I used it and it works fine, I’m able to Save and Load Actors with a little bit of C++ code and the “Serialize” function.
I also noticed that custom delegates created in blueprints (and I think in C++ too, but I did not try) have this specifier too, so I was able to save the delegate bindings and load them (on load game) in my game.

Here, for example, I save the “Trigger” Actor and “CustomSavedDispatcher” when I save the game. Then when I re-open the game and loading my save data, the event will fire everytime the “CustomSavedDispatcher” of my “Trigger” Actor gets called.

Is there a way to save the standard delegate bindings like the “OnActorBeginOverlap” binding? I did not find any solution inside the editor.
If it is not, is there any specific reason to not do this kind of thing?

Thank you.