Any way to rotate the rotation widget

I seem to be constantly running into this issue where I’m making like 20-30 movements vs. 1 or 2 if the transform widget was correctly aligned to a specific situation. I know you can set it to world etc but I need to rotate it to a custom angle.

Any way to do this? Thanks in advance

The snap angles in the widget are actually defined in the editor settings. You can get the widget to snap to 3.14 is you want…

Take a look at the attached pic. How do you rotate the chair towards the camera (us)? What I have been doing is grabbing the green, then the red, back and forth until I get the correct look. This is a simplified example but lining up certain meshes can take a while. Even more so with the translate tool at odd angles.

Also, I suppose this isn’t really a big deal if you aren’t using UE as an animation tool. But I do this like 1000 times a day

Ok, have you seen the free rotation widget? Is it even called that?

I think you have to turn it on in the editor. When it’s on you get a circle around the rotation widget in addition, and can rotate in a more kind of Max way.

It appeared by default a few engine version ago, but seems to be off by default now.

Not at a machine right now to check…

Just can’t find the thing - transform axis gizmo, something like that? It moves the object relative to camera plane, which is what I think you want…

Ok great just found it for rotation thanks! (its called screen rotate in editor settings) /edit Nevermind, just grabbing all 3 at the same time solves translation I guess