Any way to restrict iOS compatibility to the A9 and up processors in a blueprint only project?

The mobile game I am currently working on is unable to load on any iOS devices lower than an iPhone 6s.
I am wondering if there is any way to restrict the device compatibility when packaging a Blueprint project?

When uploading to Testflight the builds state it is compatible with iPhone 5s and up which isn’t the case, the game opens but loading any map goes to a black screen and crashes the game.

Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated.

If you use ASTC textures then it will limit devices to iPhone 6. Not sure how Fornite limits it to iPhone 6s or better.

Target minimum iOS 11. I think that will only run on 6s or above.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, even targeting iOS 11 still says available for 5S and up.