Any way to refresh landscape heatmaps in tiled world composition terrains?

Is it possible to refresh the imported heatmaps used in landscape layer data when you have imported terrains using the Import Tiled Terrain option in the levels tab?

The only way I have found to do so it to reimport the entire landscape tiles.

What do you mean by heatmaps?

In the paint section you do have the option of re-importing paint layers - if thats what you are asking…

As always. Dont use world composition. Open up the tile in question, set unreal to unlit. Work/paint/import whatever. Save and re open persistent / reload.

Ah ok.

So the thing throwing me off was that you can only have ONE level open to change that landscapes paint layers. If you have more than one level open they will all get updated.

The whole thing is another example of an Epic disaster…
So yes, you kinda have to work around it by entering individual levels.

If you really dont want to, and you can actually load the whole thing - because chanches are even on a 3090 you cannot (i’m dealing with 112km^2 so I cannot) - then you can try to export the paint layers beforehand so you have a uniform image to edit…

90% of the time the edits happen via GIS or an outside program and tiles get re-cut, so it usually isnt particularly helpful. But it is an option…

(Nevermind questioning how the engine manages to load a 30,000px wide PNG 16 in memory when its probably impossible. The whole thing crashes with out of memory errors all the time when you work in world-comp anyway - and this is likely why).

I dont have any issue loading all my levels. They are largely empty except instanced thigns like foliage and rocks. And it’s only 8x8km.

I generate the heatmaps (aka paint layers) in world creator, then send to unreal. So after I make changes in world creator adn want to see what it looks like in unreal, I wasnt able to figure out how to refresh those changes. Now I know how to do that - just got to isolate one level at a time.

Or in your rare case, you could use a single file… 8Km isnt too bad actually.

Comento think of it, my individual tiles are 8k…

Actually I made a mistake, it is currently 16kmx16km with 2km tiles.

I was previously using a single 4km tile and that was loading almost instantly even with extremely heavy foliage (in built game). So I probably could get away with an 8km or maybe even a 16km - I think it may be worth trying because it would simplify things considerably. But, I am not 100% sure that I won’t want to scale things up in future, so I figured I’d go ahead and setup for that now. And one benefit I’ve noticed is that loading my streaming levels in editor is much faster - it takes a good 10-20 seconds to open my 4km map with heavy foliage - not a big deal but that does stymie rapid testing.

Are all the files on an M.2 and is the M.2 decent enough in terms of speed (IE: not an intel and not SATA) ?
I’m able to load 8KM tiles with full foliage in seconds now.
Latest 12th gen i9 + 32GB DDR5 @ 6000hz (or maybe 5900).
The downside is the lack of ram - 64 would be a hell of a lot better.

Anyway, compared to last year where loading a single map would take around 30sec, this setup rocks…

I dunno enough about hardware to say. I dunno what an m.2 is, lol.

I do have 64gb ram - but I just upgraded my work station. Prior to this most of the development of this project was on a machine under the recommended specs for ue4. Development was sometimes slow (like when dealing with procedural foliage) but not painful. But I start this project in unity where the editor just pretty much could not function at all, so my standards started low and have slowly got higher.

M.2 is the format for hard drives since I’d say 5 years ago - but probably longer.

Look up a Samsung 980 pro.
If you dont have one and can spend adound $200 for one you’ll eventually end up working more / waiting for stuff to load less.

I for one think as an investment its a no-brainer.
We already live life waiting on epic to patch bugs they wont ever patch… waiting on stuff to open when you dont have to is an immidiate gain :stuck_out_tongue: