Any way to project a Widget Blueprint as a texture in the world?

As, 2D Widget blueprint projected into a render target, and then used for a material in TV screen for example?
I dont need it to work per every frame, saving 1 frame and then using it a few frames later would be good enough, but it would need to work dynamically, so that the
parameters written in the widget would show in the screen as they are in the widget.

Widget Component is the name of the game. Have a look at the documentation here. You create a blueprint, add a widget component and set the UMG widget that the component should display. If I understood you correctly, this is exactly what you were looking for.

Yeah, thanks, exactly that-!

Upon testing, I found this to actually give much better performance under extreme stress situations than doing the similar effect via distance field fonts and many materials combined into one effect as well -the performance drop was10fps more in my old setup compared to this (in stress test of spamming 20ish of animated screens at same time), and this is also way easier and non-destructive method to edit the style as well -godsend!

One problem I had was that the render targets of Widget Blueprints seemed a lot dimmer and too gray compared to the widget, but I was able to overcome this by editing the Tint Colour&Opacity setting in the blueprint for the widget, and setting the overall color value to 2 instead of normal 1.