Any way to possibly retrieve tessellation?

Title. I want to be able to add extra polys to a surface, offsetting with the flexibility with tesselation, not being stuck with nanite, which is absolutely useless when it comes to procedural detail.

I did see this:

So maybe it’s already possible? (unless that’s a custom solution).

I will have to look further.

There is also a way, using the modeling plugins. in UE 5

I’m no expert in this whatsoever, but I have a suspicion that epic is withholding tessellation to force people into using nanite for the preview version. And they will bring it back on the actual release. Just to get people using it and getting feedback on issues regarding it.
The reason why I think this is because you can turn nanite on/off. Plus it will be stupid to scratch such an important element.


Hi @Bits360,

I am no expert in tessellation. I looked at the UE5EA code and saw that the code for displaying tessellation still exists.
I built a simple tessellation project in UE 4.26. Converted by loading into UE5EA enabled Modelling Editing plugin and looked and the tessellation in the project still exists.

Obviously, this would be cumbersome to do this for every bit of tessellation content as you would need to edit in UE4 and convert to UE5 after every edit.

There is a Nanite video over 2 hours long which briefly say that this future feature in Nanite.
I have no idea how soon the model Editor for UE5 will be complete.

I did try taking the Modelling Editing plugin from UE426 to UE5EA, but it won’t work, there is lots of coding missing in UE5EA.

May I ask Where I can get this “Modeling Editing” plug-in.
thank you.: )

Hi @PersonaGS
here I have added the Modelling Tools Editor Plugin by the following:-
I have started with a blank project, but you would use your own project converted to UE5EA.

Now Type “Model” in the search bar

Click on the “Enabled” tick box to enable the plugin

Then the Plugin is enables and you need to restart the UE Editor. Click “Restart”

When you come back you will see it enabled

Now look back on your project and you will see an extra icon to click in the picture below

Now it’s up to you to set up the “New Asset Location” etc
On the left is a scroll bar of all the functions


Thank you for providing such a detailed tutorial. : )

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Hi @PersonaGS


The Landmass Plugin, the Water and Shallow Water Plugins is a BuiltIn Plugin selected from the Plugin Search bar

Initial Setup

Download the Content Examples from Epic Marketplace

Open UE5EA, I am using my repository UE5EA-Vs2022, but the VS2019 UE5EA source will work just as well
Select → Content Examples Make a copy when asked. Gives “ContentExamples 5.0” and UE5EA Editor Open this version.

Loading Plugins

I suggest you load the Modelling Tools Editor Plugin as described above

Next, replace the word “model” in the Search box with the word “Land” and click enable, tick, to the Landmass Plugin.
The Landmass and Modelling Tools Editor have 500 shaders to compile quite quickly.

Next, replace the word “Land” in the Search box with the word “Water” and click enable, tick, to the Water and Shallow Water Plugins are over 5,000 Shaders to compile so this while if you have not enabled background compile.

The restart the editor. Wait for the shaders to compile. I usually read the documentation like [Diving Into the Depths of Water as a Feature]Diving Into the Depths of Water as a Feature in Unreal Engine 4.26 - YouTube

In the video, reference is to be made to Content. In UE5 that means using Control and Space.
To display Content click on the upper bar “Content”. In the left-hand Project scroll bar look for “LandScape Content”

The next thing is how to use the Landmass. The shortcut is hotkey Shift + number 2. Try to use shortcut keys as they remain the same across each version.

In the Content browser, Scroll to Material Nodes then look for M_TesselationMultiplier.uasset

Double click on the right block on Global Scalar Parameters tick Tesselation Multiplier add 4000
and work how I did the pattern with shading in UE5 which some say cannot be done!

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So with this method are you saying we can get tessellation working with any displacement map again in UE5?

hi @nongkris
This gives works on some functions. Basically you can do this on everything in 4.26, but when you have converted a project to UE5 then the ability is limited, because of the changes required in the UE5 engine to make Nante and Lumen work.

Looking at the source code for 5.0 IMHO The Physix package was removed and Chaos packages have been changed.

So in summary Tesselation in 4.26.x is create/edit and display where as 5.0.* is display on many but NOT ALL and no edit of items