Any way to override Material of Destroyed Mesh in Structure Blueprint?

If I copy the Floor_Metal blueprint and edit it, I can set a different Material in the Rendering section. It applies to the foundation when placed in game.

However, the material does Not apply to the Destroyed Mesh.

I’ve tried setting the material in a copy of the DestroyedMeshBase Actor Class, but it doesn’t work.

I know I can copy the Destroyed Mesh itself and color it there (which is what I’m currently doing), but that means that users have to download the destroyed meshes many of which are 1MB+. Since this is just a new material, I’m hoping I can just use the ones already included in the game files. I really want to slim down my mod size.

Any help would be appreciated!

To get the Destroyed Mesh Materials to match:

Create the Mesh, which you have.
Material that mesh.
Right click the mesh and choose: Create Destructible Mesh.
Press the Fracture Mesh Button.
Reference This Destructible Mesh as the mesh to use when destroyed in the Main BP.

If you change materials again, you’ll need to craft a new Destructible Mesh again - once created, it uses only the materials assigned at that time.

Hope that helps point you to your answers.

Not entirely true. If you open up the Destructible Mesh (DM) you can alter the material in the destructible settings.

Under skeletal mesh select materials, and then select the material you wish to change the DM to. Happy modding :slight_smile: