any way to move mesh verteces?


there are some old kind of unresolved threads about this, nothing concrete.

is it possible to ‘deform’ a mesh by moving vertices?
anyone managed to do it?
if so, how?


if there is no current way to do this,
is there a way to fake it through material parameters like world offset with some kind of mask for example, if so how?

Really it depends on how much control you want and/or what you’re trying to achieve.

You can move a mesh vertex in a material through WPO but it won’t update the bounds of the object. You’ll need to come up with a creative way to mask the vertices/vertex you want to move. Vertex painting is probably a good way to do that, but again you don’t have control over each vertices direct position unless you want to go through and painstakingly paint each vertex a unique colour for the code to identify it by. All of that can be done with simple material parameters for fairly simple vertex movement. WPO is meant to be used for small offsets though, not huge changes.

There’s probably something you can do to move the vertices of a mesh directly in code but it won’t be very artist friendly (I also don’t know what the relevant code is to look at for that but some folks around here will). Or, you may want to also consider the procedural/custom mesh approach. All depends on the situation.

thanks for the reply

im trying to come up with a way to deform a mesh from an impact, not unlike the car damage script someone wrote for unity.
basically take the hit location and move the surrounding vertices.

seems theres no easy way

Oh that’s probably best done via Morph Targets actually, depending on the fidelity you need.

ive always found morph targets a little naff for collision damage. i wanted something a bit more dynamic.

i know you can access the vertex data because theres a wiki page telling you how, but is it possible to move them?

actually, cloth does this. i should look at that, maybe there is a way of creating relatively stiff cloth.