Any way to mirror/do symmetry in PhAT?

I’m pretty sure in UE3, there was a way to automatically mirror or enforce symmetry on the physics body and constraint settings in the physics asset editor. However, I can’t seem to find equivalent functionality in UE4.

I’m able to copy and paste settings from one physics body onto another, however, the results are not mirrored (they’re applied in world space rather than the local space of the target, changing the movement mode to local doesn’t help this.) which means I’m stuck manually moving the bodies back to where they should be anyway, which results in oddness like one arm being longer than the other, etc. Additionally, when I tweak the physics settings, I end up having to do a bunch of monkey work to copy my changes over to the character’s other side.

Has anyone found a way to activate mirroring and/or symmetry in PhAT?

I think it was the skeletal setup in UE3 that was responsible for the ability to mirror in the UE3 version of PhAT.
It was designed to use the UE3 animation mirror support, which UE4 does not support (yet).

There is nothing in the documentation specifically about mirroring.
May have to wait for future improvements.

Sure is, just hit the M key.

Make sure your physics asset has some kind of parent body (or the engine will crash) and the subsequent assets are prefixed with either _L or _R

Hope this helps.

Ctrl + C on the physics Body you want to copy properties from and CTRL + V on the one you want to paste to. Or right click and select copy and then paste in the menu.


it works, thank you :smiley: