Any way to make the player character invisible while riding?

So what I’m trying is to make the player character hidden while riding my Titanoboa. So far I’ve got it to “dive underground” by using the water dino riding animations. I have a custom saddle for it and hiding that was easy, but I just can’t figure out the player itself. I’ve tried to check the Boa’s skeleton and mesh, but since the Boa shouldn’t even be ridable there isn’t any links to the player mesh. Not to mention that I have no idea to edit/re-link the skeleton in the first place. Can I somehow create a new custom animation for the player which hides the player completely?

I’m just trying to do it the most simplest way to keep my mod as basic as possible.

Just hide the meshes.

Exactly what meshes and how?

Going to have to find the BP event for when a person starts riding a dino, and basically:

Get player controller (index 0, always local machine).
Get controlled pawn from player controller
cast to PlayerPawnTest
get Mesh
set Mesh hidden in game to true

Also I want to hide the player only when riding the Titanoboa.

Shouldn’t be a problem, just check to see that the dino they’re hopping on is type of titanboa. problem is going to be that event - i’m not sure that exists.

Yeah, I still don’t get it >_> What am I supposed to be editing in the first place?

That’s the question :slight_smile:

I really don’t know, at work atm. My best guess is that it would be inside of the dino BPs event graph. If you open up the dodo BP you made, and go to the “Graph” button at the top right, right click on the background and search for “onride” or something like that.

Can you not just set the scale on player socket to very very very small? and then move it inside of the boa

I tried just that, but the thing is that the Boa skeleton does not have a player socket as it’s not normally rideable. So I tried to make a copy of the skeleton and tried to create a new socket then copied the mesh and the animations and then link them to the new skeleton. The thing is that I might have got it all wrong as the Boa didn’t show up in the testmap at all. The other try just end up in crashing the dev kit :smiley:

I’m so horrible at this…

Okay, I got it to work in the editor, but I’m pretty sure it won’t cook as I retargetted all the animations to the new skeletons. Do I need to try again to make a copy of each file and then try to convert them all to the new skeleton?

If you don’t want to cook a TC, yes.

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

Well, I still have to successfully cook it and I will be extremely happy :smiley:

Geez, what am I doing wrong. I upload the mod just fine, have all files there skeleton, mesh, animation BP and the animations. Then in-game I try to summon one and it’s invisible. I can hear the sound of it and see the name moving, but no Boa.

Sounds like the mesh isn’t visible in game. Does it sound like its right beside you?

Yeah, I can hear it loud and clear. I can also see its name.

Gonna try tomorrow some more, I’m so tired right now >_>

There’s a very good possibility that the offset is completely fubar. I had to deal with that when remapping playerpawntest to a dino

As I posted in the Dodo topic I finally got my Boa to work properly. No more visible rider :smiley: Thanks guys for the help!