Any way to make terrain round instead of square?


I am very curious if it’s possible to have the terrain shaped differently than just a square?

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I believe the terrain always needs to be set up square or possibly a rectangle not played around with anything outside of the usual power of two myself but you could create a circular height map for the terrain then find a way to cover up the edges of the map that you no longer need. Maybe use a transparent material?

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You could try creating a landscape hole layer and paint it on to the corners to round out the landscape?

Normally all landscapes are made in squares, that is why you need to be very creative and know how to place your meshes so that it looks like the landscape is not a square. look at some landscape tutorials,normally I sculpt my Landscapes in mudbox so when I am in engine I can just cut some pieces out of the landscape and copy them somewhere on the landscape to give you the illusion that the landscape is not square. hope this helps.

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