Any way to make fps movement similar to sidescroller one?


In the 2D sidescroller template you can kind of “float” in air if you walk near and edge making it seem like it having a cylinder movement collision when it in fact doesn’t.

Gfycat link. Bad quality but you can barely see that the movement collision volume is almost a sphere shaped capsule.

Anyway, it seem to be different in the first person example, capsule actually touching the edge. So is there a way to make it “float” too in the first person example like it is in the sidescroller one?

Thanks in advantage :]

Hi Cobalt_Blue,

Go into the MyCharacter blueprint Defaults tab and enable ‘Use Flat Base for Floor Checks’. This will treat the bottom of the round capsule as if it were flat and allow your character to look as though they are hovering over an edge.