Any way to limit RAM usage?


So i’m currently working on a project with some friends which is going to be a semi-open world game with a map of 800km x 800km. For the pre-alpha version we decided that 50km x 50km would be enough.

Since the biggest preset for landscapes in UE4 is around 8km x 8km, i’ve been adding landscape manually. This method worked fine until i reached around 55k objects (still only landscape without textures or any other meshes). The RAM usage while working in the editor is ok, nothing that i didn’t expect with this size. My Problem now is that whenever i’m saving or loading the level, the RAM usage goes up to 15GB which is pretty much critical with 16GB RAM and most of the time the Editor just crashes on me without any error message. (probably windows killing the ue4 process)

Seeing that the problem is the amount of RAM used, is there any way to limit the RAM usage when saving the level?

I have the same problem. Any luck?