Any way to import complex multi-part textured FBX model?

I downloaded an FBX model of a truck the internet. I can open the FBX file in the “3D Viewer” application and it magically appears complete, all the pieces and textures etc. But when I import it into Unreal I just get a folder full of all the parts, and all the textures, but no complete model. How do I import the truck so that the wheels etc and all the many pieces are correctly placed, and the textures are all applied correctly, like 3D Viewer does without trouble?

You can shift click to select every piece and drag them into the scene all at once.

You can also import the truck into UE4 again and make sure that “Combine Meshes” is turned on which will make it into one static mesh with multiple materials

Thanks On my drive it is just a single FBX file, so there’s only one thing to drag in. Selecting “Combine Meshes” did bring in all the pieces in their proper place - but there’s no textures or colors…

FBX has limited support for materials, if it’s not a really basic material then it’s not going to export most of the textures/colors and you’ll have to rebuild your material in UE4. For example, in 3ds Max you can only use the Standard material with basic texture maps or colors plugged in.

But if the problem is with FBX, how is the simple 3D Viewer application able to show the model with all of the correct textures and colors? They must be in the FBX file…