Any way to ignore IK/Poles from Blender?


I’ve just finished keying some actions for a model I made in Blender, using IK handles and pole targets but keying ALL bones. As the IK and Poles don’t have a parent, they’re considered root bones on import to UE4 and this blocks me.

Reparenting the bones and unchecking all the boxes for “Inherit Scale”, “Inherit Rotation”, “Local location” and “connected” fixes the import error but completely breaks my animations. Unchecking “Deform” and checking the option on export for “Only Deform Bones” doesnt fix the error.

Will I have to reparent, uncheck the options and re-key all my animations? Or am I missing something here?


Nevermind! Managed to fix this myself.

I would be glad to hear the solution, i’m having the same problem with inheriting scale. What was the fix?

Really hate it when someone says they found it out, but doesn’t give us the solution after asking for one. Anyway, what worked for me is when you’re exporting from Blender, go to Armature settings and select “Only Deform Bones”. This removed IK bones and pole targets for me.

Also need to uncheck the “Deform” tick box for all bone handles, before doing what Lexeon says.